Counseling & Psychotherapy

About Our Services

Counseling and Psychotherapy at Balance & Thrive is focused, effective and powerful.  Our providers and our support staff are experience, qualified and compassionate.  Services are evidence based and custom tailored to meet the needs of each client we serve. In a warm nurturing environment, the specialized treatment each provider offers allows us to offer our our clients with the highest quality treatment. Our caring support staff works hard helps make our client’s experience easy and comfortable contributing to the overall quality of services we provide.  

Services can be long or short term. All services begin with a thorough Diagnostic Psychosocial Assessment which provides a working diagnosis (if needed) and provides the groundwork for our providers to work with our clients to formulate a strategic plan to guide treatment. Diagnostic psychosocial assessments are also offered as a stand-alone service not followed up by other psychotherapy or counseling services. 

Groups Offered

General psychotherapy groups focused on anxiety and depression for:

pre-teens, teens, young adults, men, and women.

Specialty long term psychotherapy groups forming for:

Caregiver Support, Bereavement/Loss, Older Adults & Chronic Illness.

Short term 6-week skill building groups for pre-teens, teens, & young adults for:

Anxiety Related to Reentry Following COVID, Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Anxiety & Depression, Building Social skills & Coping with Pressure.

About Our Groups

Our groups are facilitated by experienced, qualified, and licensed professionals. We accept clients engaged in treatment with other therapists. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with primary therapists.

Our groups are highly effective and focused. Therapeutic groups are no larger then 6 people.  Skill building groups are no larger than 8 people. Members in our groups are carefully selected following a psychosocial assessment.

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